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Although our team is very good at helping to reduce your overall pain, our primary goal is NOT to just get you out of pain. Our primary goal is to focus on restoring your overall function to increase your quality of life. To help you Feel Better and Be Better!

As a Non-Surgical Orthopedics and Sports Medicine office, you will enjoy our unique approach to achieving your desired results.  We are NOT a pain management office, as our goal is to help you regain your function, which will help get rid of your pain and get you back to living your life without the endless stream of pain medications.  Our philosophy is to start treatment using the least invasive treatments first and to try to help patients avoid surgery whenever possible.  We are conveniently located in West Columbia, SC, North Augusta, SC, Greenville, SC, North Charleston, SC and Fort Mill, SC.

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  • Non-Surgical Orthopedics Non-Surgical Orthopedics

    Our approach is to help patients regain their function while avoiding surgery and the endless need for pain medication.  We do this through various regenerative medicine approaches such as prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma and stem cell treatments.  Ours is a unique approach for patients looking for something different than the traditional methods of prescribing medications or recommending surgery.

  • Prolotherapy & PRP Prolotherapy & PRP

    Our Non-Surgical Orthopedic and Sports Medicine team in Columbia, North Augusta, Greenville, North Charleston, and Fort Mill utilizes the latest techniques in regenerative medicine to help restore or regenerate your cells and tissues in order to restore or establish normal function.  This can typically be done through natural techniques using Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) Therapy, Prolotherapy or Stem Cell Therapy by our medical providers that specialize in these procedures.

  • Stem Cell Therapy Stem Cell Therapy

    Placental Tissue Grafts (Stem Cell Therapy) are the latest advancement in medicine and has been shown to help patients with injuries, arthritis, and other degenerative joint conditions to avoid surgery and the endless need to take pain medications.  This is an outpatient procedure that takes about an hour in the office and patients are often back to normal activities shortly thereafter!

    For some patients, it is more advantageous to use their own stem cells through their own bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC).  This typically takes more time to perform and is more of an extensive procedure, but we offer this to patients based on need or preference.

  • Conditions Conditions

    For those in chronic pain, there may be confusion. At Vitality Medical Centers, we are always working to find the cause of your pain. We are NOT a pain management office and do not prescribe long term use of pain medications.

    Your specific pain may come from any number of causes, and it is our life’s work to not only find these causes, but then to treat them with our Non-Surgical Orthopedic and Sports Medicine procedures.

    At Vitality Medical Centers, we work to find the cause of your pain. Your specific pain may come from any number of causes, it’s our goal to find these causes, and find you relief.

    Common Pain Conditions

  • Treatments Treatments

    At Vitality Medical Centers, we want to help you find the source of your pain and achieve the normal lifestyle you lost.

    We might recommend that you receive a series trigger point injections to help aid your progress with our treatment.

    Many of the treatments we perform show instant results, and help our patients reclaim their lives.

    Our facility uses diagnostic ultrasound and fluoroscopy to guide our procedures to ensure proper placement.

    Common Pain Treatments

    • BOTOX for Headaches and Migraines
    • Prolotherapy / Neurofascial Prolotherapy
    • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy
    • Stem Cell Therapy
    • Trigger Point Injections
    • Joint Injections
    • Durable Medical Equipment
    • Headache Management
    • Whiplash Treatment
    • NDS Method – A non-surgical spinal disc treatment
    • Peripheral Neuropathy treatment
    • BOTOX for Cervical Dystonia
    • BOTOX for Spasticity
  • Nerve Testing Nerve Testing

    The human body is an incredible powerhouse that sends information via electrical signals. Nerves and muscles create these signals so the brain can send them to activate the motor system. Everything from running, lifting your hand, chewing and every other action requires a certain amount of energy and electricity. When nerves and muscles are damaged these electrical signals are blocked or slowed down. If you experience pain, weakness lack feeling in some areas you may need to ask your doctor about electrodiagnostics tests. Some of the conditions that EMG testing can discover include: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, radiculopathies (i.e. pinched nerves in the neck or back), neuropathies (generalized nerve damage) among many others. There are two main tests utilized in most offices the first is Electromyography (EMG) which is the reading of electrical activity in the muscles. The other test is Nerve conduction studies (NCS), which allows the doctor to pinpoint the area where the nerves are damaged most. With the use of theses tests combined doctors can help patients find out exactly what they are suffering from and find the best possible solution.

    Nerve Testing